How much wood is in a cord?

Looking for a cord of wood?

The standard unit of measurement for firewood is called a cord. A cord of wood measures 4ft x 4ft x 8ft or 128 cubic feet. Logs in a cord are usually cut 16 inches long. To give you an idea of just how big a cord of firewood is, a standard small pick-up truck can usually only hold about a quarter cord of wood!

When buying firewood you will do so by volume. It would be unusual to buy an entire cord of wood due to the shear size. Typically one would order a ½ cord of wood if stocking up for the winter or even a ¼ if your usage is just occasionally through out the firewood season. When purchasing these larger amounts, you may want to consider having your firewood delivered. Most firewood lots offer this service and taking advantage of this can make buying wood very convenient for you. Often firewood home delivery will include the delivery, your wood being neatly stacked and may even include a tip or two on best burning practices.

If you are looking for a smaller amount of firewood perhaps for cooking, a campfire, or just a single use, firewood lots also offer wood sold in bundles. This would be a grouping of just 10 or so logs (usually cut about 16 inches long) bundled together or boxed for easy transport.

Southbay Firewood BBQ & Charcoal offers both home delivery of a cord of wood, as well as selling large and small amounts of firewood right off their lot.