Is There a Difference Between Grilling Wood and BBQ Wood?

Technically, the names can be interchangeable. The woods can be the same …the one to choose will depend mainly on the method in which you are cooking… are you grilling or barbecuing?   Some popular woods used are mesquite, hickory, oak, and apple.   As a general rule, you will use smaller, lighter pieces of wood to produce the flavor enhancing smoke when grilling. Barbecuing is done over a longer time period, thus you will want to use a heavier, chunkier pieces of wood, for slower burning wood.

Grilling is the thing that many people do on their back patios for dinner. It’s really what people are doing when they say they are barbecuing. Grilling is done quickly, over a hot flame. Meats like steaks, pork chops, fish, cheeseburgers, hot dogs and even veggies are great for flame cooking. Barbecuing is done on low heat, over a longer period of time. Larger cuts of meat like brisket, ribs, and roasts are typically used in barbecuing.

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