Logs for Sale

Southbay Firewood BBQ and Charcoal offers a variety of logs for sale. We not only carry firewood logs for sale, we also have cooking wood logs, like oak logs for sale.

We offer both hardwood and softwood logs. Hardwood logs are typically more dense than softwood logs. Hardwoods tend to grow slower than softwoods, thus can be a pricier wood.

Wood Logs for Sale

Most cooking wood logs are hardwood, as they tend to burn more slowly. A few examples are, Hickory, Oak, and Walnut. Hickory is very hard, very stiff, very dense and very shock resistant. It has been used for centuries as a wood of choice for fuel wood because of its high energy content. Hickory wood is also a preferred type for smoke curing meats and as a way to add flavor to your meat. Burning hickory wood in your fireplace contributes an earthy smell and warmth to the entire house. White Oak is a long-burning hardwood that is typically used in pizza ovens, wood-burning grills and barbecues. Red Oak is the wood that makes the Santa Maria style cooking so famous on the West Coast. Excellent on ribs, red meat, pork, and game meat. Walnut is usually light in color and produces much more heat than typical warehouse or grocery store bundles, making it a good value. It burns clean for an easy clean-up and is typically smaller and easier to carry than some other woods.


Softwood logs are generally logs used for standard firewood. Pine is a good example of this. It burns well when seasoned, and is abundant. Pine is also often used in indoor construction, furniture building and a popular choice for Christmas Trees.

Whatever your wood needs, Southbay Firewood has both hardwood and softwood logs for sale.   Our expert staff can guide you through the different kinds of logs for sale, helping you select the right wood for your fire.