What is Smoking Wood? Where Can I Buy It?

There are three things that make for a good BBQ: wood used, heat and time. The most important part of the puzzle is wood. The wood is used to enhance the flavor of the meat. When you don’t use the right wood, you won’t get the best flavor.

The wood you choose for smoking should be selected thoughtfully. Different types of wood add different flavors to your meat. The type of food you are smoking should also infuence your wood choice. Whether you are smoking fish, pork, beef or poultry, they all have their own characteritics and as such, the wood you choose will ultimately affect the final flavor of your meat.   Some typical woods used in smoking are: oak, hickory, maple, mesquite, pecan, apple, and cherry.

Smoking wood is available in chips and chuncks, but which is best to use? Like many things in the BBQ world this too is a matter of preference. In general though, chips burn faster than chunks. So if you are looking to add a little flavor in a shorter amount of time, chips wood be good. On the other hand, if you plan on cooking your meat slowly, over a longer period of time, chunks would be a better choice. Both will add flavor to your meat for a great BBQ!