What type of wood is best for a bonfire? What about a fire pit?

Bonfires can easily be seen as one of the main attractions of any camping trip or backyard evening. “Are there any particular kind of woods that are better then others to fuel this center piece?” you may ask. The answer is, “yes” and varies depending on what kind of bonfire you are hoping to achieve. If you would like a typical mellow bonfire, that starts easily, burns for several hours you might want to choose a soft wood. Soft woods such as pine, spruce, alder, or cedar light more easily, provide a nice aroma, and have a pleasant snap, crackle, pop sound as they burn. Soft woods have a short burn life, compared to that of hardwoods. If you require an extended burn time for your bonfire, you may want to consider a hardwood such as eucalyptus, oak, almond, or citrus. Just note, hardwoods are a bit harder to start. Both types of wood put out an equal measure of warmth.

A few days ago I was talking with a friend who had just purchased a new outdoor fire pit. He had asked me what type of wood he should purchase to use in it. At the time, I answered “any wood will do” Taking the above into consideration, I now know that is not the case. Choosing the right wood for your bonfire can really make a big difference in the final outcome and duration of your fire.